Corporate Event

Curtis Allen's Versatile Corporate Event DJ Package offers a professionally curated and adaptable musical experience, encompassing a wide range of genres with the capability to subtly include rock and metal, complemented by top-tier sound and lighting setups tailored to any corporate setting.

Elevate your corporate gatherings with Curtis Allen’s comprehensive DJ package, designed to seamlessly integrate into any company celebration, team-building event, or annual conference. Curtis brings a rich palette of musical styles to suit the diverse tastes and professional atmosphere of corporate events, while ensuring the playlist remains broad and inclusive.

What’s Included:

  • Bespoke Music Curation: Collaborate with Curtis to design a soundtrack that mirrors your corporate event’s tone, ensuring an engaging background for networking and a lively beat for celebrations.
  • Professional Audio & Visual Setup: Benefit from a top-tier sound system and elegant lighting arrangement, enhancing both speeches and the entertainment experience.
  • Flexible Musical Range: While specialising in rock and metal, Curtis excels in delivering a wide array of musical genres, ensuring your event’s soundtrack appeals to all attendees.
  • Engaging MC Services: Curtis Allen combines his DJ expertise with confident and captivating microphone skills, ensuring your event benefits from clear, engaging announcements and seamless interaction, demonstrating his comfort and charisma on the mic.
  • Tailored Equipment Offering: From a compact DJ booth to a robust sound system with a wired microphone and adaptable lighting, every technical aspect is chosen to complement your event’s specific needs.
  • Dynamic Event Atmosphere: Curtis’s skill in reading the room allows for real-time adjustments in music and mood, maintaining the ideal atmosphere throughout your event.

Why Curtis Allen Is Ideal for Your Corporate Event:

  • Adept Musical Versatility: Curtis’s extensive musical repertoire enables him to curate the perfect ambience for any corporate setting, from subdued and sophisticated to vibrant and energizing.
  • Utmost Professionalism and Dependability: With meticulous attention to detail, Curtis guarantees the audio-visual elements of your event are managed with the highest standard of professionalism.
  • Customized Experience: Offering more than just music, Curtis creates a tailored experience that enhances your corporate event, making it memorable and unique.

With Curtis Allen’s Versatile Corporate Event DJ Package, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to creating an impeccably curated and professionally managed musical backdrop that resonates with your corporate ethos and event objectives.


A fully equipped DJ set, allowing an hour for set-up beforehand and and hour for tear-down time afterwards.

  • Tailored Soundtrack Consultation
  • Short Sets or Full-Day Entertainment
  • Comprehensive Equipment Suite
  • MC Services