Private Parties

Curtis Allen's Private Parties DJ Package offers a personalized, music-focused celebration experience, blending a broad range of genres with a special emphasis on rock and metal, all delivered through a professional sound and lighting setup that lets the music do the talking.

Make your private parties unforgettable with Curtis Allen, where every playlist is a meticulously crafted journey through your favorite genres, with a special nod to the vibrant energies of rock and metal. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply a night to remember, Curtis delivers a seamless musical experience that caters to all tastes.

What’s Included:

  • Personalized Playlist Curation: Engage in a detailed planning session with Curtis to select a mix of tracks that perfectly aligns with your event’s vibe, from the electrifying riffs of rock and metal to any other genres that capture the essence of your celebration.
  • Professional Sound & Lighting: Experience the difference with Curtis’s high-quality sound system and dynamic lighting, ensuring your party space transforms into an extraordinary dance environment.
  • Music-Centric Atmosphere: Curtis excels in letting the music speak for itself, creating a vibrant atmosphere that encourages guests to lose themselves in the moment without frequent interruptions from the mic.
  • Versatile Entertainment Experience: Beyond just playing music, Curtis intuitively reads the room, adjusting the energy and flow of the playlist to keep the party alive and your guests thoroughly entertained.

Why Choose Curtis Allen for Your Private Party?

  • A Broad Musical Palette: With a wide-ranging selection of music, including but not limited to rock and metal, Curtis ensures your party’s soundtrack resonates with every guest, creating memorable moments set to the perfect backdrop of songs.
  • Subtle Yet Effective MC Work: Understanding the power of music, Curtis keeps announcements to a necessary minimum, ensuring a seamless experience that centers around the soundtrack of your celebration.
  • Quality Audio-Visual Presentation: Curtis brings a professional-grade sound and lighting setup to every event, chosen to enhance the mood and energy of your party, making each moment feel special.

Let Curtis Allen take the helm of your private party’s entertainment for a night filled with unmatched musical ambience, where the playlists are as unique as your celebration and the memories last a lifetime.


A fully equipped DJ set, allowing an hour for set-up beforehand and and hour for tear-down time afterwards.

  • Tailored Soundtrack Consultation
  • Short Sets or Full-Day Entertainment
  • Comprehensive Equipment Suite
  • Discreet MC Services