My wedding DJ package offers a bespoke musical experience that specializes in rock and metal, complemented by discreet MC services for essential announcements, ensuring the music remains the heart and soul of your celebration.

Celebrate your love story with a soundtrack that’s as unique as your relationship. While Curtis Allen is renowned for electrifying weddings with the heart-pounding energy of rock and metal, his expertise isn’t limited to just those genres. With a versatile skill set that spans many styles, Curtis ensures your wedding day is filled with the perfect blend of music to reflect both your personalities.

What’s Included:

  • Tailored Music Consultation: Dive deep into your musical tastes with a personalized planning session. Whether you’re dreaming of a night filled with rock anthems, gentle acoustic melodies, or a mix that spans decades and genres, Curtis crafts a playlist that captures the essence of your bond.
  • Signature Reception or Consultation-Based Full-Day Coverage: Specializing in the electric atmosphere of the reception, Curtis Allen masterfully curates a dynamic playlist that keeps the dance floor buzzing with energy. Recognized for transforming receptions into memorable celebrations, Curtis also offers the option for full-day coverage upon consultation. This tailored approach allows for a personalized music experience that can extend from the poignant moments of your ceremony through to the vibrant celebration at your reception. By consulting with Curtis, you can ensure that every part of your wedding day is accompanied by the perfect soundtrack, seamlessly transitioning to reflect the day’s evolving moods and moments.
  • Comprehensive Equipment Suite: Curtis Allen arrives equipped with a DJ Booth, concert-quality sound system including a wired microphone, and visually stunning lighting options to complement the ambiance of your event, ensuring your guests enjoy an immersive dance floor experience that lasts all night.
  • Discreet MC Services & Musical Focus: While Curtis Allen is equipped to make essential announcements, his philosophy leans towards letting the music speak for itself. Understanding the power of a carefully curated playlist, Curtis prefers to minimize interruptions, ensuring the music flows uninterrupted to maintain the energy and atmosphere of your celebration. Essential announcements are made with brevity and elegance, allowing the music to remain the centerpiece of your event, and creating an immersive experience that keeps your guests engaged and the dance floor lively.
  • Adaptable Music Selections: While rock and metal are Curtis’s passion, his repertoire includes a wide range of genres to ensure everyone at your wedding feels included. From classic hits to modern chart-toppers, the music will resonate with all your guests.

Why Curtis Allen Stands Out:

  • Rock & Metal Expertise with a Versatile Twist: Curtis’s deep-rooted love for rock and metal is just the beginning. His ability to mix in a diverse array of music genres ensures that your wedding playlist is both personal and inclusive, getting everyone from head-bangers to your auntie up and dancing.
  • A Tailored Musical Journey: Understanding that music is deeply personal, Curtis goes the extra mile to ensure the soundtrack of your day reflects your unique story, catering to both your preferences and those of your guests.
  • An Atmosphere Like No Other: Leveraging years of experience and an innate ability to read the room, Curtis creates an unforgettable atmosphere, keeping the energy high and the dance floor packed.

Embark on a musical journey that celebrates your unique love story with Curtis Allen’s Versatile Weddings DJ Package. It’s not just about playing music—it’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to experience a wedding that’s as eclectic and unique as your love for each other.


A fully equipped DJ set, allowing an hour for set-up beforehand and and hour for tear-down time afterwards.

  • Tailored Soundtrack Consultation
  • Signature Reception or Full-Day Entertainment
  • Comprehensive Equipment Suite
  • Discreet MC Services