My wedding DJ package offers a bespoke musical experience that specializes in rock and metal, complemented by discreet MC services for essential announcements, ensuring the music remains the heart and soul of your celebration.

Celebrate your love story with a soundtrack that’s as unique as your relationship. While Curtis Allen is renowned for electrifying weddings with the heart-pounding energy of rock and metal, his expertise isn’t limited to just those genres. With a versatile skill set that spans many styles, Curtis ensures your wedding day is filled with the perfect blend of music to reflect both your personalities. What’s Included: Tailored Music Consultation: Dive deep into your musical tastes with a personalized planning session. Whether you’re dreaming of a night filled with rock anthems, gentle acoustic melodies, or a mix that spans decades and genres, Curtis crafts a playlist that captures the essence of your bond. Signature Reception […]

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Corporate Event

Curtis Allen's Versatile Corporate Event DJ Package offers a professionally curated and adaptable musical experience, encompassing a wide range of genres with the capability to subtly include rock and metal, complemented by top-tier sound and lighting setups tailored to any corporate setting.

Elevate your corporate gatherings with Curtis Allen’s comprehensive DJ package, designed to seamlessly integrate into any company celebration, team-building event, or annual conference. Curtis brings a rich palette of musical styles to suit the diverse tastes and professional atmosphere of corporate events, while ensuring the playlist remains broad and inclusive. What’s Included: Bespoke Music Curation: Collaborate with Curtis to design a soundtrack that mirrors your corporate event’s tone, ensuring an engaging background for networking and a lively beat for celebrations. Professional Audio & Visual Setup: Benefit from a top-tier sound system and elegant lighting arrangement, enhancing both speeches and the entertainment experience. Flexible Musical Range: While specialising in rock and metal, Curtis excels in […]

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Curtis Allen's Specialty Events DJ Package offers a customizable and versatile music experience, equipped with professional sound and lighting, for any unique event requiring a tailored musical atmosphere beyond conventional celebrations.

Discover the ultimate flexibility for all your event needs with Curtis Allen’s Specialty Events DJ Package. Tailored for those occasions that don’t quite fit the traditional mold, this package is perfect for themed parties, charity events, club nights, or any gathering that demands a unique musical backdrop. What’s Included: Versatile Music Selection: Curtis brings his extensive music library to bear, offering everything from rock and metal to a comprehensive mix of genres that cater to the specific theme or atmosphere of your event. High-Quality Sound & Lighting: Equipped with professional-grade sound systems and dynamic lighting, Curtis ensures your event looks and sounds spectacular, creating the perfect ambiance for your guests. Adaptable Entertainment Approach: Understanding […]

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Private Parties

Curtis Allen's Private Parties DJ Package offers a personalized, music-focused celebration experience, blending a broad range of genres with a special emphasis on rock and metal, all delivered through a professional sound and lighting setup that lets the music do the talking.

Make your private parties unforgettable with Curtis Allen, where every playlist is a meticulously crafted journey through your favorite genres, with a special nod to the vibrant energies of rock and metal. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply a night to remember, Curtis delivers a seamless musical experience that caters to all tastes. What’s Included: Personalized Playlist Curation: Engage in a detailed planning session with Curtis to select a mix of tracks that perfectly aligns with your event’s vibe, from the electrifying riffs of rock and metal to any other genres that capture the essence of your celebration. Professional Sound & Lighting: Experience the difference with Curtis’s high-quality sound system and dynamic lighting, ensuring […]

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